The Kate Luxmoore Group brings together musicians from different musical backgrounds and disciplines to perform traditional English Folk music from a contemporary perspective, which reflects the groups’ range of musical influences, through a mix of improvisation, devising and Kate’s compositions and arrangements.
The influence of Kate’s long term

collaboration with percussionist Lekan Babalola, provides the intricate and varied grooves and feel within the music.

This unique combination creates a sound that has been described as ‘entrancing’ and ‘deeply moving’. The current project ‘Songs of Land and Sea’ brings KLG to historic buildings and heritage sites around the UK.

KLG has previously performed at The Barbican, Birmingham Symphony Hall, The Royal Festival, Birmingham Jazz Festival and other UK venues and has recorded 3 albums.
The first, The Grove included artists ‘Omar Puente – Violin; Karen Street – Accordion, the second recorded in New Orleans, featured eminent Jazz musicians Herlin Riley – drums and June Yamaguchi- guitar.
The latest ‘Uquiet Grave’ features the late Tony Allen, Afrobeat drummer with Fela Kuti.